Here at Arrow Pavement Markings we strive to be the best pavement marking company in the business. Therefore we create only the highest quality of work. Whether it’s a completely new construction job or simple re-stripe application. You know you’re getting the best work possible for the most affordable price.

Arrow Pavement Markings understands the importance of an aesthetically pleasing parking lot, but we’re not the only ones who see it. Property managers, business people, visiting clients, homeowners, and the general public see it as well.

We are a full service striping company dedicated to quality service and lasting relationships with clients. Arrow Pavement Markings is proudly serving properties in Durham Region and around the GTA.

Arrow Pavement Markings offers the following services to business and property managers of any size.

  • Existing Line Repainting
  • Lot Configuration
  • Stencil Applications
  • Handicap Markings
  • Athletic Court Markings
  • Warehouse Markings

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